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Amjad Khan (born 2nd July 1994) is a professional boxer & International Boxing Coach from Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a born fighter, served in Indian Army as boxer for 3 years. As an amateur boxer, he won gold medal in various national championship including Youth National Boxing Championship, Inter Army Boxing Competition, Rajiv Gandhi Boxing Competition, All India Inter SAI Boxing Championship. Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IBF) sent him to participate in International Training Competition at Kazakhstan 2008. He also represented India in Professional Boxing Training Competition Bangkok 2009; Baku, Azerbaijan 2010; Turkey 2011; Uzbekistan 2012; Dubai 2013; Armenia 2014, Dubai 2015, Bangkok 2016, Singapore 2017.

He is the first young Indian boxer promoting boxing being philanthropist at the age of 23 through Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation and inspiring young generation to opt boxing as a career, and training them for professional boxing competition worldwide. World fastest boxer Amir Khan, Athens Olympics Silver Winner is also supporting him and first time he came to India in 2014 for inguarating Amjad Khan Boxing Training Center in at New Delhi. He is the Founder of Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation; Vice President, Indian Professional Boxing Association; Managing Director, Amjad Khan Boxing Training Centre, Delhi and he is also the Brand Ambassador, Pukar Radio, London. He is being awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Global Award 2015


Amjad is born in a warrior clan. His family is well known because of his forefather heroic leadership as part of British Indian Army Sardar Subedar Bahadur Humail Khan, Order of British India (1st Class), he who fought in World War I. He was awarded Jagir by British for his bravery. His Grandfather Mohammad Aliyar Khan was the freedom fighter during national freedom movement.


Amjad was born in Gazipur, Uttar Pradesh in a Zamindar family. He completed his schooling from Army School, Bangalore. When he was studying in school in Kolkata, Bengal, he used to fight with other fellow children’s. Somehow he had developed interest in boxing in his childhood. Due to his fighting nature, his parents and other family members were concerned and hence planned to channelize his potential to make him pursue career in boxing.

In 2002, he joined KSOPC Boxing Club, Kolkata for training. Despite his ignorance to the basic rules of the game, he used to fight with trained boxers because of his tremendous will power.
He was not allowed to participate in any competition held in the KSOPC CLUB, Kolkata until his mentor Mohammad Ali Qamar realized his true potential. At KSOPC Club Amjad was supported and trained by Mohammad Ali Qamar, the first Indian, who won gold for India at the Common Wealth Games (2002). From their onwards, people came to realize potential of boxers at club and it motivated Amjad Khan to do best in his boxing career. At that point of time there were hardly any renowned boxers in India except Mohammad Ali Qamar. Amjad Khan learnt a lot from him. In 2004 & 2005, Amjad won Gold Medal in Bengal State competition. In 2005, Amjad won Gold Medal in All India Rajiv Gandhi Boxing Competition in Bengal.

In 2006 at the age of 12, he was called by Indian Army at MEG Center, Bangalore for a trial. He was amongst the 8 candidates out of 600 boys came from across the country. When he was in Indian Army, he was trained by Caption G. Manoharam Arjuna Awardee 1981, Abhimanyu Award 1982 and Dronacharya Award 2014. He groomed Amjad to become an outstanding boxer. Later, Amjad represented India in various national & International championships.
In 2007, Amjad won Silver in Inter-Army Boxing Championship, Lucknow. In the same year, he managed to win Gold medal in Inter-Army Boxing Championship, Shillong. He won Gold Medal in All India competition in Vishakhapatnam. In 2008, he was selected in Indian boxing team for consecutive five years. He got selected to fight in Russia in 2011 but he could not fight due shoulder injury. He left the Indian Army in 2013.

After getting recovery from shoulder injury, he decided to train aspiring boxers in national capital. He established Amjad Khan Boxing Training Center in New Delhi where he developed world class boxers to make them participate in national and international competitions. Soon he was approached by boxers from various Indian states and countries for boxing training. All those who want to get trained to pursue boxing as a career or join army and are not capable to afford training, Amjad is giving them opportunity to learn for their bright future.